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Maintenance Matters

6 months

2 years

4 years

8 years

11 years

16 years

17 years

18 years

If your Child is 6 months old

At six months old, babies use 248 nappies per month costing £438 per year.

You can expect to pay between £20 - £55 a month on clothes, toys and books.

If your Child is 2 years old

It costs £115 a week to put your child in part time childcare and £212 a week fulltime.

To take part in a NCT baby class, it could cost you up to £17.20 an hour.

If your Child is 4 years old

The average primary school uniform costs £251 a year.

On average, a family will spend £200 per child on toys at Christmas.

If your Child is 8 years old

School lunches equate to £277 a year.

The average cost of a week-long school trip is £634

If your Child is 11 years old

The average secondary school uniform is £316.

As children start to engage in after school activities for example sports club and music classes, it costs the average family £800 a year.

If your Child is 16 years old

It costs on average £244 per person to send your child to prom. Ten per cent of parents spend more than £500 on their child’s prom.

A 16-year-old working part time can earn £3.87 an hour.

If your Child is 17 years old

£26 ph for an average driving lesson. 45 hours on average to pass your practical driving test. The theory test costs £23. The practical test costs £62. To pay for your child’s driving lessons will cost on average £1255

The average cost of attending a music festival is £420.

If your Child is 18 years old

The average cost of tuition fees is £9,000 a year.

By the time your child reaches 18 years old, parents would have spent about £67,000 on raising them.

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