Child Maintenance Resource Hub

With more and more people struggling financially, PayPlan are always on the lookout for ways to help raise awareness of debt and make suggestions as to how they can avoid it.

In our most recent research, we discovered that while 71.6% of single parents said they were struggling financially; over a 1/5 of the people surveyed also said they weren’t receiving child maintenance – despite being entitled to it.

Due to our findings PayPlan decided to create a child maintenance campaign to make parents aware of what maintenance arrangements are available. We decided to create a resource hub containing four very different helpful elements that would help with our aim. For more information visit the links below.

[gcb_row] [gcb_panel id=”90128″ title=”The Cost of Raising a Child” link_name=”Find out more”] [gcb_panel id=”90127″ title=”Child Maintenance Calculator” link_name=”Find out more”] [/gcb_row] [gcb_row] [gcb_panel type=”half” id=”90129″ title=”Child Maintenance Process” link_name=”Find out more”] [gcb_panel type=”half” id=”90200″ title=”Child Maintenance Research Report” link_name=”Find out more”] [/gcb_row]