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Living in Debt 11 Feb 2013

Change in Circumstances with an IVA or DMP

For many of you that are in debt, you may find yourself managing your finances on a tight-rope, with one small change in circumstances having a dramatic knock-on effect. When the change is big, the sustainability of your carefully constructed…

Debt Facts 6 Feb 2013

Top five questions about bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy is a form of insolvency and it is often referred to as a ‘last resort’ because of the long term affect it can have. Looking for a suitable solution for your debts can be a daunting experience and many…

Living in Debt 14 Jan 2013

How do I deal with HMRC debts?

Every individual in the UK must pay Income Tax if their income exceeds a certain amount, however the way this is paid varies depending on their working status. If you are employed then you will pay yours directly through your…

Debt Facts 15 Aug 2012

The truth behind the top 20 debt myths

In the 21st Century it is easy to use the internet to get answers to important debt questions. However, it is also easy to come across incorrect information which can have dangerous consequences.

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