Self-Employed IVA

A Payplan self-employed IVA enables you to avoid bankruptcy by making a formal arrangement with your creditors to pay off a percentage of your debts over a fixed period.

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A self-employed IVA doesn't hold the same restrictions and penalties as bankruptcy and it gives you more control over your finances, which can bring peace of mind and offers a more positive financial future.

Dealing With Business Debt

We at Payplan have helped more than a million people through their financial difficulties, and that includes helping the self-employed with their business debt too. It's made us one of the UK's leading providers of free to client debt solutions.

We've been working to resolve debt problems for over 19 years and we currently help more than 100,000 people a year.

We offer confidential, impartial, free money advice and debt solutions to anyone faced with money problems, including the self-employed through a Payplan self-employed IVA.

An IVA can often be a better proposition for creditors too, as it can offer a higher return than bankruptcy. Plus with Payplan, IVAs can be more cost effective and less time consuming.

A Payplan Self-Employed IVA Is Available To:

To qualify for a Payplan self-employed IVA you must have a viable business and be in £10,000 of debt or more. If you are not able to immediately satisfy your debts, then a Payplan self-employed IVA might be for you. IVAs aren't available in Scotland – read about alternative debt solutions in Scotland.

Always Check Alternatives To A Self-Employed IVA

Before a client chooses the best route to take, we at Payplan will always advise them about all the options available.

We provide a wide variety of debt solutions under one roof and offer impartial advice and support - helping you take control of your own financial future.

We will inform you of all the debt solution options open to you, advise you on the pros and cons of each option, and explain to you the effects your decision could have on you, your business and your future finances.

Specialists In Self-Employed IVAs

We have a team of 35 people who currently handle 300 new clients each month, all headed by a Chartered Accountant and licensed Insolvency Practitioner with over 15 years' experience in Personal Insolvency.

Self-Employed IVAs - What Next?

As a next step, contact Payplan for free & immediate advice regarding self-employed IVAs. There may well be a number of debt solutions that are appropriate to your needs. Telephone free on 0800 280 2816 or use our debt help form, and your free debt help can begin straight away.

Unlike so many other debt management companies, here at Payplan we don't charge our clients any upfront fees for debt solutions such as Individual Voluntary Arrangements and Debt Management Plans, instead we receive our income primarily from the credit industry.

That is, your creditors recognise that our debt solutions are a sustainable and realistic strategy in getting you debt-free, and agree to arrangements that will typically complete with no fees charged to you.

More Information On Self-Employed IVAs

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Example Plan

Debt: £10,400
Creditors: 3
Was paying: £437 per month
Now paying: £250 per month

In this typical example, we arranged a DMP for our client who was struggling to repay his debts. His payments are now much more affordable!

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