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commital-council tax - Fred Waring 2019-09-23 05:06:08
I live on a boat. off grid. no address. during several years of being inside this district council; all the usual layers/steps/threats...have been sent.(in theory) EXCEPT; to an address that the council simply made up. I have NO address. NOW; committal threats. left under a rock on a boardwalk; on the shore(in theory); not delivered. (LITTER??). what CAN they do??... simply making up addresses to "santa clause/north pole".... is a nonsense

Re: commital-council tax - Jane 2019-09-25 14:00:22
Hello Fred

It depends on whether you have a permanent mooring or move from place to place - if you do have a permanent mooring then you are liable for council tax.

I have sent an email to the address you have supplied with more information.

They should use your name. the name of your boat if you have one and the area/river.

The link is :



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