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Arrow Global/Drydenfairfax - Carl 2019-08-01 00:06:20
Have been paying an agreement for eight years to arrow they have now decided to place a CCJ on me due to a default on the agreement that I know nothing about

I have received court paperwork and have to respond in 14 days don’t know what to do just getting back on my feet repaired my credit rating and looking to get on property ladder

Re: Arrow Global/Drydenfairfax - Jane 2019-08-01 10:39:56
Hello Carl

If Arrow were collecting the debt then a default has already been issued and as you have been making payments regularly the debt is not statute barred. As a default has been issued they are perfectly within their rights to go for a county court judgment but it does seem rather heavy handed at this time. I would suggest you contact Arrow very quickly and ask for a breakdown so you can see where and if this breakdown occurred. Try ringing them to ask and send a letter recorded delivery. You do have a limited time to do this so do it today. I am also going to email you later at the address you supplied.



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