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Breach of a sealed financial court consent order - Lisa 2019-07-20 16:09:30

I went through a very messy divorce, the house got transferred to me via a judge, mortgage is in joint names but the order states I’m fully liable for the debt, plus I also took on a joint bank loan and have kept up with all my repayments dispute being on a low income ( I’ve paid these for 4 and a half years anyway ) and having his two dependant children plus I had to transfer my shares in our family business to him by 12th May which I did per court order ( all this was offset against the equity in the house )

My ex husband was told to transfer the house to me by 12th May which he never did, I’ve now sold the property as to release him from the mortgage and the joint debt, I’ve had to take this back to court as he’s refusing to sign the conveyancing paperwork and the judge is now going to do this on his behalf.

He was also ordered to take full liability of the business overdraft. I signed a guarantor on this in 2009 - he completely removed me from the family business 4 and a half years ago by informing companies house I’d falsely resigned, he has not paid this liability as ordered and now the bank are chasing me for this debt, I have now applied to the courts for contempt of court, I can’t afford a solicitor so are doing the whole process alone.

I receive no maintenance as he’s declaring he’s earning less than £7 a week on his tax returns despite working full time and running two businesses !!!!

He has no assets as he’s engaged to his partner whom owns her own house and he transferred all his assets to her during the divorce ( another reason I got the full equity) and everything is now in her name including anything they have brought together as a couple.

I have contacted the bank and advised them regarding the sealed order and they have said it’s between me and him and nothing to do with the bank, however they have been sympathetic and have given me a month to take it back to court, which obviously I have done for an urgent hearing.

The sealed signed financial court order was only issued on 12th April !! So he’s breached it twice already.

Has anyone been in a similar situation?

Advice required please

Re: Breach of a sealed financial court consent order - Jane 2019-07-23 16:02:05
I am afraid we cannot advise on this question and you need legal advice - we can only advise on ways of helping with debt issues.



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