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bailiffs - julia whatley 2019-03-09 17:40:31
An old parking fine came back to bite me I forgotten, council wouldn't take the debt back so bailiffs sent me a threat of a visit or pay MORE. My sons possessions at mine for safe keeping and his work stuff and tools. I am not into material wealth or money so son didn't have things at home I would let them in..I am stress and up set as loads more thing s that are testing..

Re: bailiffs - Jane 2019-03-11 16:17:33
I am sorry to hear this.

If you have no money to pay them then unless your son can prove the goods are his and with you for safekeeping they are going to be at risk if the bailiffs (or enforcement agents as they should be called now) do get in.

He will either have to move them or ensure that there is proof he owes them - the bailiffs job is to seize goods to enforce payment unless they are tools of your trade. They use this tactic to intimidate you to pay them as goods fetch far less at auction. They will therefore demand to see proof they are not yours. If this is shown and you do not have the money to pay them in one go you should be able to set up a payment plan.

Why is your son storing things at your place - does he live with you as if not you could suggest he pays rent for storage so that you have some money to pay this penalty charge. I am assuming this is a penalty charge and not a fine through the magistrates court as magistrates bailiffs have different powers?



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