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Bankruptcy - James heath 2019-02-25 23:19:31
About 6 years ago my partner and I owned a house jointly. In order to free up money to pay some debts of mine, the house was sold and a cheaper house purchased. I kept any money left over as my share of the property and the new house was purchased in my partners name. Fast forward to today. I’ve a number of debts and am considering going bankrupt. Will anyone have a claim upon the house that is in my partners name ?

Re: Bankruptcy - Jane 2019-02-27 13:22:23
It depends on whether you will be considered as having any beneficial interest - is your income necessary to maintain the household and do you pay anything towards it? What did you do with the rest of the money left over? Would you be the beneficiary in any will?

You need more detailed advice really and you could get free and confidential advice from Payplan on the above number and see if alternative options such as a Debt Management Plan, DRO or IVA would be better - the ultimate decision would always be yours but you would know more.



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