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IP asked us to lie ? - Gibson 2019-02-14 15:12:46
Hi, my husband wracked up a lot of debt before we married. Now he’s sorting himself out and was looking into an IVA. He approached an IP and they have been working out a deal However I’m incredibly uncomfortable about it. The guy he spoke to said he should lie and say we are separated and that he has a child in order to slash his payments. He then said another guy would ring him at 4pm today and read him a pre-prepared script and all he has to do is agree/say yes all’s correct and it’ll go through. I’m horrified I thought these guys would be reputable. I insisted he ring someone else more ethical , he found another company with supposedly 5 star reviews on the net and even though the business had a different name he got put through to the same guy???!!! Very awkward conversation but again so worrying. What do we do???

Re: IP asked us to lie ? - Jane 2019-02-14 16:17:31
I am truly shocked to hear this and would certainly not recommend such a company.

People get caught out lying - creditors do not take kindly to it at all and nearly always it comes out in the wash.

You are right to be worried and if this is a reputable firm - not a lead generator - they will be regulated and should be reported.

There are many companies around and I would recommend trying another. PayPlan is one (0800 2802816) - no upfront fees and a proper fact find, proper discussion of budgets, verification of information and nothing is tied down until creditors meeting so he could back out at any time if he were uncomfortable. It may be that an IVA is the best solution but you both need to be sure.



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