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hillesden Securities DLC - charging order - debra 2019-02-08 14:54:43
Can someone help? I had a CCJ from the above company that was originally a Lloyds TSB Bank debt. They took out the CCJ because at the time I couldn't afford to pay as i had just divorced. They took a charge on my property which I had no knowledge of. The CCJ has now expired. It is not on my credit file. But of course I still have the charge. I am selling my property and cannot sell due to the charge. Hillesden do not answer any telephone numbers. My solicitor has managed to make contact via an email. They have said they will post something off to the solicitor and not tell them anything over the phone, or email. We are waiting to exchange. The solicitor has waited a week for a letter, which has still not arrived. I am really worried. How can I get this removed? Thank you

Re: hillesden Securities DLC - charging order - Jane 2019-02-09 13:54:26
Hello Debra
The charge of course remains. Depending on when you received the CCJ the creditor could also ask for a charging order whether or not you were making agreed reduced payments. Now if you are selling the house the charge has to be redeemed after the mortgage is cleared and before you receive any proceeds from the sale. The creditor has protected the money it was owed up until the charge was obtained. There should not be any problem unless there is not enough equity to clear the debt - your solicitor should contact again explaining that he is waiting for them before anything can proceed. The creditor will not just waive the charge I am afraid - although the CCJ has disappeared from your credit file, the debt remains and is secured on the property.



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