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CIFAS marker 4 help! - Paul 2019-02-03 10:56:33

Last year ago I tried to apply for Santander 123 account online, I got declined straight away which I don’t understand why because I had a good credit score as I had a account before with Barclays that the bank decide to close as it was inactive. Time passes I’ve applied to other high street banks online ie, NatWest, Lloyds. All of them I got declined, at this point I was starting to get worried, with all the letters that I revived from the bank that said I got declined was a leaflet about CIFAS. I contacted them and applied for a subject request form and I found that when I applied for the Santander account they put a CIFAS marker 4 on me and stated that I used a fake passport with them which is absolutely incorrect as I always use my passport for traveling so obviously it was valid. I didn’t know how to approach this situation and get the marker removed so I just used a online bank account that doesn’t check my credit. Could I still open an account if I go into branch instead of applying online and prove to them that all my id are valid or would I still get rejected? And does the marker stay on for 6 years?

Re: CIFAS marker 4 help! - Jane 2019-02-06 17:30:00
I would certainly take that approach to start with but I also wonder why Santander claim you used a false passport - have you checked with them if this is untrue. However in a branch with all proofs of ID you should be fine.



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