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Insolvency practitioner - Barbara Swift 2019-01-31 09:15:04

To cut a long story short.

My husband was made bankrupt by HMRC in Sept 2014.

We had moved overseas in a Jan 2014.

He exchanged a few emails with his OR and then heard nothing.

We have been informed by our tennant that rents our property in the uk that an insolvency practitioner has been appointed to address taking control of assets in the uk - 5 years later...

The house is jointly owned by myself and my husband.

They have instructed our tennant to under no circumstances to pay the rent to anyone other than the newly appointed trustee.

We’ve no intention of moving back to the uk and we’ve been in touch with the trustee to give them our contact address...etc.

What happens next? Does anyone know?

Thank in advance.

Re: Insolvency practitioner - Jane 2019-02-01 13:46:35
They can take the rent as the beneficial interest in this property no longer belongs to you and your husband and it is not your main home so the beneficial interest belongs to the bankruptcy estate for ever. If you are paying a mortgage then you are wasting your money, if it is owned outright then they will just wait until it sells to get their money.
If you have provided your address for contact then you need do no more. It is basically not your property any longer as all assets vest in the Official Receiver after bankruptcy. It is only the marital home that has to be dealt with within 3 years.



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