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Old paid debt - Matthew Mcnally 2019-01-19 15:24:42
I'm having an issue some years ago I got a payday loan from unc#### and after being made redundant and homeless fail to pay it off on time. Now upon finding a new place to live I was soon contacted by SSL capital saying they had purchased my small debt from unc#### and I payed it. But now I'm getting multiple other agencys claiming they have purchased said debt from A payday loan company they can't even name it just calling it A payday loan. What should I do about this?
because as far as I'm concerned I have paid my debt to SSl and they were the first to contact me and the only ones who were so far able to give me the name of original company name that the loan came from and at the amount I owed these others are claiming I owe over double my original loan and some was paid off before payments stoped

Re: Old paid debt - Jane 2019-01-20 18:37:10
You write and ask for proof of the "alleged" debt as you have repaid the only payday loan you believe you had. Without proof they cannot take any further action. If you have proof of the repayment to SSL then you have nothing to worry about. You could also check your credit file to see if anything further is on it.



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