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Dept legalallity - Vijay Rai 2018-12-11 21:40:39
Hi there i was looking for some advice,
A dept recovery company passed my dept to another one of there companies but the company that I'm now paying is dormant and has been since it opened 14 years ago. There accounts show since they first started they have only ever had £100 in there accounts.
I was wondering if I am still liable for the dept as if they are not trading as a active company how can they pass the dept on and also i found online the same dormant company has been sending out dept letters to another person a few years ago while still dormant. On the letter they sent me when the dept was passed on it was headed with the dormant company details but payable to the active company but when I phoned them to arrange payments the bank details they gave me was for the dormant company. And they made me set up a standing order. "Jes enforcement ltd" is the dormant company. Thanks for any help much appreciated

Re: Dept legalallity - Jane 2018-12-13 14:26:17
Any company can pas the debt on to another company for collection but only after issuing a default notice. They have the same rights and obligations as the original company. Check your credit files at , and - they are now Transunion.

It also depends on how old the debt is - if you have not made a payment for six years since the last payment was due, or acknowledged the debt in writing and it is not in joint names then it may be statute barred. However, if they have gone for a county court judgment this is not the case. Statute barring does not make the debt disappear, just that they cannot chase you for it through the courts.



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