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Advice - Jagjeet singh 2018-11-27 12:00:58
Hi I got claim form from car dealership of whom I bought cars and they got it finance from Santander they said they get commission of finance company and the commission they give to us a a part of help towards our monthly instalments and thy want me to pay12 instalments I settled the finance in 10 months and now they claiming for the money they paid me towards instalments as finance company reclaimed of them I need advice what to do

Re: Advice - Jane 2018-11-30 14:45:01
Hello - without seeing the contract I cannot comment. I would suggest either contacting your local Citizens Advice or telephoning PayPlan on 0800 2802816 but both will need to see the contract before they can make any assessment. This site really if for people's problems when they cannot repay the money they owe.



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