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By Feux Verts
#38853 1. Telephone BT on 150 and tell them you wish to change your number to a new Ex-directory number because you are receiving unwanted calls. They will change your number for free once under their terms and conditions. Tell them to make the number Ex-directory and "PERMANENTLY WITHHELD" Caller ID .

2. When you get the new number GIVE IT TO NOBODY except family/mates that you can trust and you want to call you.

3. DO NOT give the new number out to "Consumer Surveys" - "Competitions" - even to the Lottery / Tescos Clubcard or the BBC / TV Licencing. They all pass it back to experian and co. When you are in a shop and they ask for your phone number for a Warranty say "It's Ex-Directory" - they don't need to know it. If the product breaks down then you will phone them! You have the receipt!

4. DO NOT give your new number to neighbours. They will be the MOST likely candidates to be CONNED by DCA's into releasing your number to them.

5. If you feel the need to give a phone number on a website then give a PAYG mobile or the OLD number you had - this will be idle for a year anyway.

6. Register the new number straight away with TPS.

Keep your private information to yourself. Ask yourself "Why do they need to know that?" if you are in a shop and not trying to obtain credit. They have NO RIGHT to your private info.

Take control of your privacy. DCA's have no right to harrass. They can write and you can write back. Simple.
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#38858 Very good points there FV !!!!
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By Judy 2
#38861 I did practically the same thing over a year ago when creditors were hassling me non-stop.

It's great to not dread the phone ringing. Nowadays I can pick up the phone knowing it's a friend or relative.

Great post FV. Nothing worse than constant phonecalls you could do without.
#38865 Nice one FV.

As you (or someone else here) said, we have phones for OUR convenience -ie so we can communicate with the people WE want to communicate with and vice-versa

At the end of the day it costs US to have a phone - so why should we have pay for the 'privelidge' of unwanted sales calls and harassment from scumbag DCAs!?

S xxx
By Feux Verts
Mel_Odious wrote:The rest are barred so to speak.


The TPS service "should" stop "most" Sales - so called "Cold Calls".

So by only giving your number out to trusted people AND by using TPS then you should be fairly sure that that "Ring Ring" means that someone who you want to talk to - want's to talk to you!

Again I stress NEVER EVER write your number down on a Competition form, Website form, Lotto ticket, in Dixons when you buy a Dyson, when you buy a TV licence, anything that asks for a phone number - use a PAYG mobile or your OLD number.