Scottish and English debt laws are different, so if you are a Scottish resident and have questions on debt, then this is the place to post.

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By fergetz
#223265 hi wonder if anyone could help me.

i just finished a protected trust deed in december 2009

and got discharged in april 2010.

i received a debt letter from red castle recoveries

referring to a debt which was passed on by C.I.T. GROUP UK

for the sum of 3500.00. i know that in the protected trust deed

C.I.T. were the only creditors who contested the debt.

i noticed one of the letters i got recently during my trust deed

a dividend was made payable to C.I.T. , i also noted that original cit debt was more than red castle recoveries want just now.

red castle have sent paperwork just now and threatened me with

possible ccj can you tell mewhat i can do as i am worried sick

thanks in advance
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By JaneClack
#223280 I am not 100% sure about this but think I read somewhere that in a TD a creditor who contested the debt can come back for what they are owed when the TD finishes. The vast majority do not but perhaps wdm can clarify this for us.
By wdm2
#223333 I don't think there is anything prevents red castle from asking, but the whole point of a PTD is that it binds all the creditors irrespective of whether they objected or not. They can't enforce the debt, they can't obtain a CCJ and the debt must disappear from your CRF six year after you signed the TD.

Pass the letter to your IP and they should deal with it for you. If you feel like it you can just send a copy of your discharge to red castle and tell them to buzz off.
By fergetz
#223572 hi could you please tell me if it is the full discharge documents

you send or just the part your ip has signed received another letter

from red castle recoveries i am off work just now.

once i return to work i will be able to copy my

discharge document and send it to this company

thanks in advance for any replies.