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By JCook21
#88855 Well, I've finally got hold of the copies of my CRF's and as expected they're a mess. I'm going to start on getting them sorted next week. Wish me luck!

One question for all of you regarding a financial association. My wife is listed on one of my files as associated with me, although we've never held a joint account of any kind and she didn't go bankrupt. I was told by the CCCS when I became bankrupt that this wouldn't affect her CRF as people are no longer associated unless they actually hold joint accounts, even if they share an address and surname. The information seems to have been added by Marks and Spencer money. I made a (declined) application for a loan to them several years ago, but it wasn't a joint application although they may have asked for wifes name (I can't quite remember the details). What do you think my chances of getting this association removed are? Would I need to contact the CRA or Marks and Spencers to do this? If it can't be removed, how badly will it affect my wifes credit? She has a good payment record and no problems with her accounts apart from this association.

Thanks for any advice you may have.