Scottish and English debt laws are different, so if you are a Scottish resident and have questions on debt, then this is the place to post.

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By deltatwo
#70345 Hi,

Have an outstanding debt on Marbles Credit Card of 11K. Did notify them of change in circumstances etc., and offered reduced payments, sent I & E statements etc., but nothing was finally agreed. Had made some payments of suggested amounts, but received a formal looking notice that says Notice of Court Action on headed paper from George Walker & Co in Glasgow.

Phoned HFC and basically they are looking for monthly payments of £250 or they say they are starting court proceedings. They say they are not interested in my proposals since they are too small.

Paid them £125 now, and need to pay rest by end of month, then £250 per month after this. Girl was really rude"

Also called George Walker & Co who said they could not talk to me and only provide a letter writing service.

Can they take me to court, and if so how long would it take.

For my other debts am dealing with external debt collectiona gencies and they have been really helpful and since I adhere to committed payments, have had no problems.

Only problems are with HFC Litigation and Triton Credit Services for a Nat West Debt

If anyone knows of either of these companbies and could let me know best way to approach this I would be grateful.

#71090 I would go to a Money Advice- see for an advisor in your area.

Yes they can take you to Court, but you can only pay what you can afford, however there are options to prevent Court Actiona and diligence.

I would Def got to a face to face Advisor and show them this document from George Walker-seems a bit dodgy to me.