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By Tanya_si
#6636 Hi There!

I'm new on here and would just like some peoples help on the way they would prefer debt collectors work.

Reason being is that, I , myself, am in the line of work, within a new company. The company are priding themselves on doing debt collections different from every other agent.

How do people on the other side of the fence think this should work?

Your help would be duely noted.


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By JaneClack
#6637 Oh I think you will get some input here! :wink:
#6642 Well, asking for advice is a good first step, and listening is a third. Unfortunately, like most DCAs, I charge for any further action so that's all you're getting for free.
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By Nicky
#6648 The most annoying thing about "Some" Debt Collectors is that they dont stick to the Guidelines of the Office of Fair Trading! They employ nasty tactics to scare people into paying by methods of borrowing or whatever it takes to repay their debt. They talk down to people as tho they have some kind of quality above the norm, no respect or sympathy for the people they are speaking to.

So I guess, if you can be curtious, respectful, treating each person individually according to their circumstances, no unnessary pressure or scare tactics - then I guess at least that would be a start!

Read, learn and breathe the Guidelines outlined by the OFT, then you will be on the right track.

Here endeth the lesson. :wink:
By Tanya_si
#6656 Vanessa: With all due respect it's that sort of attitude that causes aggressive debt collectors- You seem to be painting all Collectors with the same brush....exactlly what people in debt accuse collectors of doing. Respect on both sides makes things a hell of a lot easier and usually means a mutal understanding on bothsides!!

I've worked in a more aggressive enviroment- which had the power of getting warrents for arrest on the debt if it was not paid, i've played the bad guy and the good guy- I know which way i prefer!! But in all honesty when i've had someone call and just start shouting down the phone at me, i used to switch off, and not listen to what was being said, it's not me there angry at but why shoot the messenger!! I was collecting for government debt which was a priority debt, and in all honesty you tend to lose patience when people consider buying newspapers and getting thier nails done more a priority, what can you do but laugh with excuses like that!!!

Nicky: The new company i'm with strictly adhere to the OFT, if i was found not to be complying with this i wpuldnt have a job, not within this organisation anyway!! Reason for posting on here is for Helpful comments, I personally enjoy doing what i do as an occupation, not to be a bit*h but to try and help those people who want to be helped out of thier sticky situations, at the end of the day if the shoe was on the other foot i would want someone to talk to me, and try to understand and treat my case on it's own merit, That is how i would want to be treated so i see it as no hardship treating others that way. I've never asked someone to obtain a loan to pay a debt, Debt collectors CANNOT ask you to do this!!!

Any further input of others would be helpful.

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By Nicky
I've never asked someone to obtain a loan to pay a debt, Debt collectors CANNOT ask you to do this!!!

Absolutely right they can't Tanya, unfortunately, some still do. As I said in my earlier post, there are Debt Collectors who act outside of the guidelines, and its these who give Debt Collectors a bad name.

There are always those who want to try and avoid paying debts, people who take the situations lightly and don't give a monkeys, but, these are the minority. Mostly people want to pay their debt, but can't afford to pay it at the agreed monthly payments because something has happened, i.e. divorce, job loss e.t.c. These are the people who can't sleep at night worrying about what are their creditors going to do.

Its always a gamble at who you are going to get at the other end of the line when you speak to your creditors, you get a really nice, understanding person, willing to help you e.t.c. or you get a complete idiot who treats you like... well, you can guess.

What is said in response to your post is not to be taken personally against you, I am speaking in general and from hearing other peoples experiences.

Debt collectors are not gods, they do not have any hold over people, they misrepresent court action by making people believe all kinds of rubbish, when a court is only interested in a realistic figure a debtor can repay.

I've never heard of someone commiting suicide because of the fear of creditors being nice and understanding to them...have you?
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By JaneClack
#6678 I would just add that whether or not it adheres to OFT rules or not some companies - who should know better - do suggest that people take out loans to repay them. They also suggest when people are on debt management plans that they pay them a bit extra to top up what the DMP is paying - I do know whereof I speak and there is a creditor with a call centre in Ireland where their call centre has telephoned me - as I have letters of authority - and told me I know not what I am doing and they are entitled to treat debtors aggressively as they owe "them" money. They do not owe the indivudual who has phoned them a penny and there is no call for DCAs to telephone people several times a day and suggest they pay by Switch or say they do not deal with certain free debt management companies - either CCCS or Payplan. They do - some even fund CCCS and Payplan - and they are working from scripts a lot of the time.

Some, believe it or not from your reputable company who is going to do it differently, are paid on commission. Can you believe it?

I certainly do not think all DCAs or creditors are all the same and as Nicky says it depends on who you get at the end of the phone and whether or not they feel well disposed to the world that day. That saying some debtors may shout down the phone - I am sure there are some recalcitrants who just do not want to pay but they usually disappear into the blue beyond - the vast majority of debtors live in perpetual fear - the telephone ringing is a bit like the telegram in the war; Sunday morning is the only day they come downstairs happily as there will not be a potential nasty letter in the post box. They spend so much time running around trying to pay little bits off here and there as they cannot take a step back and rationalise what they can do - they go to bed with lumps in their stomachs, toss and turn and fall asleep at about 2am and then wake up feeling like sh!te and have to go to work - what they need is a breathing space to sort out a repayment plan and then be allowed to do it without interest and charges being added on or being accused of not responding to letters when they have or being telephoned again and again - sometimes 10 times a day. Shouting is often their way of letting off steam - and I know the person on the end of the phone is just the messenger but it is the way they say it.

I am sorry to go on about this but I spend my working day with people in precisely this situation and find myself telling lots of people to go bankrupt - if I could say to them, yes it will take you eight years to repay your debt but you will be able to do it in this time as the creditor/ DCA will appreciate what you are trying to do and freeze the interest (after all the penalty if you like is not being able to take out more credit) then I would. Nowadays I find myself saying - follow the insolvency route if you have no asset to protect -in eight years time you'll have your credit card again so who cares.


You say you are looking for a better way, well that would be my suggestion. I am not saying write off all debts - that would be silly - but I am asking that creditors help those who are trying to help themselves.