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By sam
#62063 i am raging!!!!!!!! in 1999 i had an account with grattan which well before i went b was cleared. i have looked on my credit report and it says i owe £96 odd and tha account is defaulted. i dont have any paper work or even an account number now but i rang grattan and said it must be a mistake. they said that i placed an order in july 2005, i moved out a year before this! she even told me the order! including a playboy duvet set YEAH RIGHT!!!! its now been transfered to a debt collection agency.

my partner still owns the flat and i picked up some mail there last week, well, the dca said they wrote to me last month.....no letter!!

i wont confront the tennants just yet i will leave that to oh but what am i meant to do?????

please help.

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By Dunpayin'
#63508 Sounds like identity theft to me, you will no doubt have paperwork, tenancy agreement, mortgage, utility bills or bank statements, with your new address on to prove your disassociation with that address so the only option open to you is, IMHO, GO TO THE POLICE, it's fraud