Scottish and English debt laws are different, so if you are a Scottish resident and have questions on debt, then this is the place to post.

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By Anne77
#58462 Hello all,
As some of you know I recently signed a trust deed and a couple of weeks ago it became protected. I hadn't heard anything further from my creditors until this moring when I had a letter from Moorcroft debt recovery ltd Pre-Court Divison. The letter states that they have been instructed by egg to collect the over due amount on my credit card approx £700. 00I also have an out standing load with egg which is about £12,000 which they do not mention. Both these debts are covered in the TD.
The letter is threatening legal action unless I pay the outstanding debt with in a few days. This could lead to arrestment of my earning with my employer or "an application for an exceptional attachment order on goods owned by you" I'm not even sure what this means?

Can this moorcroft do anything or am I completely protected by the trust deed considering both debts are included. I am very concerned about increased communication from them such as home visites, phone calls and marked letters as I am trying to spare my parents the knowledge and therefore the worry of my current financial distress.

Does anyone have any experiance with this company and do they know what I shoud expect?

Many thanks for taking the time to read this and for any advice you have to offer.

#58465 Anne,

You can sit back and relax. Legally there is absolutely nothing they can do to you. Egg were the creditor. They were give 5 weeks to object to the TD and didn't. Moorcroft can huff and puff, but they are wasting their time. Send the letter to your trustee and get him to deal with it. Also, not sure if it would serve any purpose, but you could phone them up and tell them you are now entered into a PTD. If they try any stupid threats just be firm with them. You have NOTHING to fear. They can do absolutely nothing to you. If they insist that they are pursuing the debt tell them that they should correspond with your trustee direct and give them his details. If they ignore you then you just send all correspondence straight to the trustee and let him deal with it.

I am certain if they continue to pursue you this could be considered harrassment and you would have grounds to report them to the FSA or other regulatory body.

As I have said - you are bullet proof with regards to this debt. If you are really hacked off with them phone them up and tell them to pee OFF! :D
By kiltedscot
#58470 Anne,

I too got some letters after it became protected, even one saying they had sold the debt on,

You will see from previous post I asked the same, I just pass everything onto my trustee,

To be fair, after so long watching the post for letters from creditors, after 4 month i still look with dread when the postie comes, it is so hard to chnage habits, especially a nervous one like tis.
#58748 I too was in the same position as you when my trust deed became protected. I had already spoken to my IP about these debt collection companies and was told what to tell them, ie tell them to contact the IP company.

One of the responses I received from one of the companies south of the border was " we do not recognise Scottish Trust Deeds" - which is highly amusing, because they have no option.

If your debts are notified to your IP and have become protected, you have nothing to worry about, all will be taken care of, simply send all correspondence to your IP and RELAX.
I know the habit of a lifetime of debt and collectors is hard to forget, but please do.
#58808 The people who have posted are correct, Your TD is protected and they can huff and puff as much as they want. Pass all letters on to your Trustee, you will be fine. I am having probs with Moorcroft with a DAS (funnily enough, an Egg debt), but as they have not responded, that is their tough luck.Teach them to read Scottish law.......... :D
By peter pollock
#66627 Hi

Contact your IP with a copy of the letters and they should be able to care of it for you