Scottish and English debt laws are different, so if you are a Scottish resident and have questions on debt, then this is the place to post.

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By mike1y111
#50023 I thnik i am hogging this website!!

Just a query..i spoke to a collegue who advised me that a few years ago she got a chap on the door, she opened the door to see who it was and two big bulky guys pushed their way into the flat. They were looking for her ex who had split up few months ago. Once they were satisfied that he was not there they left.

I know that debt collectors/baiiffs have no right to enter your home without a warrant or court order, but how would you handle these sorts who barge their way in before they even tell you who they are. As once they are in your property they have the right?

Many thanks
#50033 Sounds to me like they were nothing to do with official debt collecting. If, and its sound as if they were`nt, debt collecting, it sounds like the nastier variety, ie illegal loan sharking etc.

Official line is that no-one is allowed within your property unless by legal warrant to enter for a specific purpose. Any person can invite anyone in, but can withdraw that right anytime (unless by warrant as mentioned).
#50054 By barging into your property when having no official capacity for doing so would be a Police matter. In Scotland -Sheriff Officers can only enter your property unless they have Court Authority to do so eg an Eviction or executing an Exceptional Attachment Order
By Feux Verts
#50108 You don't HAVE to open the door!

In this day and age of drugged up lunatics - teach people NOT to open the door at all, if your not sure - tell them to wait while you call the Police, simple.
By mike1y111
#50446 Many thanks.

My current address is not linked in any way to previous address, and i dont know if there are any CCJ there. If a DC finds me at my new address will they have to go to court to get bailiffs to visit and will i hear from the court? Or can they charge in with letting me know they are comming? Cant wait till the 5years is up after which i will dig up the past and look to make F&F offers but until then i am very scared as to how the DC will go about especially if debt is sold on.

Bankruptcy is an option but i get past the 5years then i will be in a position to pay off anything outstanding as get on. Any advice would be greatly appreciated