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#473115 I've had a credit card debt with a company for over 10 years to which I have been paying £1 token payments. Out of the blue I have received correspondence from Intrum stating that they now own the account and that payment should be made to them instead of original creditor.

There is a PDF copy of a letter supposedly from the original creditor confirming this. However, I have not received anything from them directly. This does not sound right. I have written to the original creditor and asking for an explanation. I have also responded to Intrum advising that I consider the account in dispute and have written to the original creditor. However, for now they keep sending me letters.

Anyone got any other advise and also information as to what Intrum are like to deal with? I searched a few threads but they appear to be from years ago.

Oh, Intrum also state that my credit reference file will be updated. In actual fact this debt has not been on my file for years. Will they be permitted to re-add it and also this was dafautled years ago, so I assume they can't just register anymore defaults.
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#473116 No further default can be issued and as you know these fall off your credit file after 6 years but the debt is still live and on it as you have been making regular, token payments. It may well have been sold on with a large number of debts to Intrum as the original creditor is entitled to do. The original creditor is supposed to let you know and if you are still at the address they have you should write and ask for proof again. Also check your credit file to see if Intrum is now there but the debt is still owed and you need to know where to make the payments to.
#473122 Further to this. I checked my credit file and Intrum does not show up on there.

I have made them an offer to settle the account in full, but they have replied and advised they will accept my offer will be acceptable as a partial settlement.

What does this mean for me? I'm assuming that they could not add any further entries to my credit report if the debt is not currently listed?
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#473123 Hello - we have problems accessing the site so have only today been able to answer your question.

As I explained the debt is not statute barred (ie unable to be pursued through the court system) as you have been making token payments - the original creditor passed onto Intrum and they offered you a full and final settlement to clear it. They also told you it would be registered as a partial settlement which they can do and then that will fall off after 6 years. What you do need to ensure is that whether or not they post it as a partial settlement they accept you will not be paying anything further.
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