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By TheBench67
#472831 I have a debt that I have been in an arrangement for over six years.
In Jan 17 the debt was removed from my CRF, I presumed due to being over 6 years old. I was pleased as my score increased dramatically.
This month the debt has returned to my CRF and is showing up as a Missed payment/6 month in arrears. My score has dropped dramatically. The entry code on Experian is C6?
I have continued to make payments to the debt every month even though it was gone from my file so I'm confused as to why it has now reappeared?

The only other info I can provide is that the debt was passed over by NWB to a debt recovery company in Jan 17 and I was informed that as long as I made payments everything would remain the same.

My question is, can a debt recovery co. put a file back on my CRF when there is no new default or even without informing me?
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By JaneClack
#472832 The default falls off after 6 years but if payments are being made towards it then it is still a live debt and as such can appear on your credit report with lower payments although the default itself should have gone.

This is not my area of expertise so I would suggest you Ask James at Experian as I shall do - one of us can report back when we have the full answer.