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ByWas Iphigenia
#472069 Hello! Good to find the new home, and to see all the lovely people still offering so much help.....
Looking for a little help, please. Apologies that the tale is long....

I'm 8.5 years post bankruptcy, and my CRFs are squeaky clean - or they were.....

I had a letter a few days ago forward on from an old address - I left 6 years ago.
A company called V12 were telling me they'd added £15 non-payment fee to my account.
Never heard of them.
I rang, and they said oops, yes, they'd already decided I'd been a "victim of impersonation". That someone using my name, dob and old address had set up an account with Appliances Online. They kept asking if I am a company director. I am not but 9 years ago I was a registered charity trustee - dropped that before bankruptcy.
They said they'd put a CIFAS flag on the account, and said they'd send me a "fraud pack".
Time passed that day.
I rang them back to suggest that if they send the fraud pack to the same old address, I'd be unlikely to get it.
They said they already had my current address.
I asked again how they could have let this fraudulent account be set up: I've been left 6 years, I'm on the ER at my current address.
They said they usually do a dummy transaction on a credit card registered to that address.
No such animal exists.

Anyway, later that day I discovered the fraud pack farther down the same pile of mail. Such is the memory of the dreadful time that was the run up to bankruptcy, a letter about some debt that is alleged to me has the power to send me into a total tailspin.
Pack requires me to give my name, address, dob, employer's name and address, and to attach a photocopy of my driving licence or passport.
They seem to be taking a hell of a lot more care now than they did in November when they let this slide.

I haven't set anything back yet.
My financial advisor (pensions advisor, principally) offered to look at the papers over a week ago but I've not heard back from him yet. Guess he's busy.
I've got my statutory report from Experian - all clear.
I've got my statutory report from Equifax - all clear.
I've asked for my statutory report from Callcredit, which I think might be the only one that V12 report to, but it won't let me do it online or provide a contact phone number to discuss it, just gives me the order by post option.

So, a small selection of questions:
Is V12 a trustworthy company?
Is what they're asking for in the fraud pack realistic?
Can sending them the details they're asking for leave me open to farther abuse?
Have they been negligent in their duty of care in allowing this account to be set up? They have certainly caused me significant mental stress - and I'm a month off early retirement on the grounds of ill (mostly mental, stress-related) ill health.

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#472072 Hi Iffy

OK the need for the proves is to show that you are NOT the person they are chasing, and further that you are who you are saying you are.

I am aware that in your occupation, you (and other in the same line) are very open to this type of abuse, but I do know that in every aspect they will tend to deal with this rather quickly rather than risk very negative publicity!!

I know it is not nice to have to sort this, but if it can be stopped now, it will ultimately stop it escalating and causing more problems.

Yes someone has apparently imitated you, using your information and details, yes maybe there should have been more diligence on V12 Finance, but depending in the level level of information given to them, it may well have ticked all the legally required boxes.

Some tips for you

1. Keep ALL correspondence about this safe, in case it does come back to raise its head again.

2. I would also suggest that you consider reporting them to the FCA and ICO, and telling them that you are going to do this unless,

a. they can satisfactory explain how and why they allowed a person to fraudulently use your details,

    b. they issue a guarantee that they have completely dealt this this to the extent that you will never be harassed about this again

    c. and that your credit files will not be impacted on in any way.

3. Over ALL copied documents in think pen write COPY, and copy in black and white only.

Also give the a deadline to work towards, which I would suggest is 28 calendar days.

So back to your specific questions,

Doesn't matter if they are decent or not, they are strictly legally required to deal with this quickly and effectively. But I am aware of them, and they are very much a sub-prime lender and have been around for over 15 years now.

What they are asking for is normal (unfortunately)

No, it should prevent further abuse.

Not necessarily negligent, but I would also ask them to inform you of what types of prove was used, so that you can make sure that avenue is closed of properly. For example did they provide your bank account number and sort card (if yes they the bank will change the account number for you, a hassle I know but it prevents it happening again), etc.

And all this aside I am sorry to hear you are not doing well at present, but it WILL improve. You are a strong person, and by heck you have proved that more than once in the past, so you will get your life back. Maybe a complete change in vocation will work.....I has for me!

(BTW Mr Bailey the tripod sends hugz)
ByWas Iphigenia
#472073 Thanks TW, I appreciate it. I know they need to prove I'm not the one who took the credit, it just seemed a) a lot of stuff to send them and b) significantly more than the bothered with before.
Is the FCA the FSA?

Nice to hear from Mr. Bailey! Sadly, the last of the 6-pack was gathered to his fathers in February. A lumpy old couple of years but you're right, I'll come about.

Thanks again, :)

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#472074 Hi Iffy

The FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) replaced the FSA.

FCA has teeth! The have already closed down outfits that chose not to follow the rules, plus they are getting hotter on Licence compliance.

Yes they do ask for a lot, and that is getting more the normal practice now. Mind you will be interesting to see what they make of your 'boss'! (Sorry couldn't resist)

Lost the old girl last year, 19 years old, but still have Mr B to keep me in check, but now have a Wolfie x Greyhound x Donkey to keep us all in check!


ByWas Iphigenia
#472147 So, I had a phonecall from V12 today, which they say they'll put in writing.

They say that they didn't abuse my personal details, and They've been the victim of the fraud and (basically) I should think myself jolly lucky that they caught it. I'm also to think myself jolly lucky in future, because although my CRFs won't be impacted, the CIFAS and the SIRA flags they've put on them will mean I may have to answer additional security questions, which, they tell me, will be good news for me.

I repeated several times that my complaint was that their processes weren't robust enough to detect dodgy information, and what proofs of id were offered. She said she doesn't know, no company would tell me as it's part of their internal processes.

The implication was that I had been careless with my details - but I have not. As far as I can see someone has used
My name
My address
My company director status
and as all of these are matters of public record, perhaps it was only a matter of time.
Except that:
I have not lived at the address they used for 6 years.
I have not been a company director (charitable trustee) for 9 years

so their processes are not robust.

I await the written statement with interest.

Callcredit are playing silly buggers about sending me my CRF.
First, they wouldn't let me do it online, I had to print off a form, buy a postal order etc.
Today I got a letter from them asking for 2 pieces of ID.
Today I also got a letter from them asking for 3 pieces of ID.

Buncha tossers!!
Seriously, it's no wonder people get stressed when they try to do the right thing. :)
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#472149 Said it before and I will say it again

Money is the route to all evil!

Yer of course they wont tell you if they did wrong, why admit it.

As you have raised this as a formal complaint with them, once he letter arrives raise it as a complaint to both the ICO and FCA (ICO because that they failed to protect your in that they failed to carry out proper due diligence, and FCA because they obliviously failed to comply with the law in setting up a bogus account)

And you have been around long enough to know that many many people have a nightmare wit Callcredit and believe me it will be the same with Experian and Exifax (which you will need to check) especially if a CIFAS flag exists (SIRA is internal to V12 and not a shared system).....Hey someone may be trying to impersonate you (<Ducking VERY quickly>)

Be patient young Iffy, you will win in the end, believe me

Now wearing his tin helmet!
ByWas Iphigenia
#472150 Ha. I don't think I've ever had a Callcredit report before, I think I probably just gave up on their application the time my CRFs were all crap anyway, so it wasn't worth it.
This time I'll keep at them.

When I spoke to V12 the first time, in early January, they told me they'd already raised a CIFAS with the CRAs. Yesterday they told me they'd sent it off yesterday.

My Equifax and Experian CRFs, which I got in mid-January, had no mention of the V12/Appliances Online "default" - are you saying that once the CIFAS eventually gets - wherever they've sent it, I'll need to send for these two again to see what they say?

I'm not holding my breath on the letter from V12. I sent it Signed For on 26th January, and apparently it only arrived on her desk yesterday......

Thanks a lot for your help, TW :)
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#472159 Hi Iffy

Yes it will pay to check the CRFs again at the end of this month and then again in two months time. What you are checking for is to make sure they have placed the CIFAS flag and to see else has gone on.

CIFAS will cost them, and I have known (albeit in the past) less scrupulous companies whack a Notice of Correction on the 'closed' incorrect file entry instead. This has three nasty side effects, firstly it leaves the damaging account on the file, secondly it can be very damaging long term as it prevents all automatic scoring of the files, and finally it doesn't warn other organisations that you have been the victim of fraud, so alerting them to 'double check' you are you!

Couple of thoughts, normal courtesy would normally suggest that as it was V12 at fault they should pay for the first lot of Credit Files, and secondly have a look at all your financial products, some have a free ID theft assistance, of they have also use that to double check, especially as V12 will then see you are being proactive as well.

ByWas Iphigenia
#472475 Deep apologies for forgetting to come back say thank you, TW!

The right CRFs flagged with CIFASes, and have had no credit problems - but it's surprising how the sheer sense of shock and panic can come tumbling back after so many yeaars!!
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