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By topmage
#471585 Hi everyone,

back then in 2009 I left in a hurry France to go back to Singapore
I couldn't close my account as used my card in Singapore now I believe it is in overdraft as I recall after a year my French account at HSBC France went to the "contentious" service (debt service).

Now I going to the UK to open a bank account if I open at HSBC UK would they know I owe HSBC France a debt amount of probably 1000 euros and if they know will they ask me to repay it from the money in my HSBC UK account ? automatically or with agreement ?

and so at the end would you recommend to open in another bank that HSBC UK ?

Thanks a lot .
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By TalbotWoods
#471586 Hi and welcome

I would certainly not advise opening a new account with your old bank. This is because if you have left with debts within the EU Economic Area, then they almost definitely will refuse, AND pass your details onto any debt collection agency to chase any debt you have left. This would be an in-house matter, rather than anything.

You have to consider that at this time you will not have a UK Credit File, so opening an account with a UK part of the same back COULD create a transfer type entry, which will stop you any account in the UK.

So it is highly recommended that you open a new account with a new account.

As you will not have a current credit file, then you will realistically be looking at a basic account at present. These are not credit checked, but you will need to provide proof of legal immigration, proof of new address, and more importantly proof of who you are.

You will also need to comply with the bank and the UK governments Money Laundering Laws, so the proofs required now tend to be strict, so please expect to be asked quite a lot of initial questions. You will not be able to open an account on line, this will need to be in person, in a bank branch.

With regards any overseas debts, these will not show on any UK credit file, but as you are coming back into the EU Economic Area, you will have to eventually deal with them.