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By bass man 5
#464153 Hi there . I am one of cabots long suffering clients making my 45 quid a week payments to them . Now this debt goes back to 1989 when I took out a loan with premier portfolio who then disappeared and was taken over avco trust who then also disappeared . Then in came cabot with the usual threats and phone calls asking for increased payments. Tried on a couple of occasions to disappear but they soon found me. The last contact I had with them must have been 3 years ago when they told me I owed 6000 pounds since then I've paid every week and it's really getting to me . They have no record of where I live or my phone number but I am loathed to get in contact with them . If there is any help that anyone can give would be brilliant. Many thanks for listening . Fil
By bass man 5
#464173 Hi to you all ! This is my first ever forum so not quite sure how they work but sure I will learn. I am here to ask about cabot financial who I've been keeping afloat for more years I care to mention.so was wondering if anyone can help me on repayments that I've been paying for years and now at 45 pounds a week it's time for action . Many thanks for your time. Fil.
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By TalbotWoods
#464203 Hi and Welcome

First things first, YOU MUST contact them, as the very first thing I noted is that you have said you have been paying £45 a week for the last 3 years. Ergo you have paid £7020 to them. (45 x 52 x 3)

So maybe if they could have contacted you, they could have informed you that the debt had been paid off several months ago.

If you are not in contact with them, then there is nothing else that we could suggest.

Yes you could stop paying them, and potentially loose about £1020 over payment (assuming full paid years), that they may owe you, or contact them and potentially get some or all of this back.

Your choice
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By JaneClack
#464263 And as they do not add interest what a nice pot of money you can now claim back if you have been paying that per week!!! :lol:
By bass man 5
#464523 Hey guys! Thank you for giving me the guts to get onto cabot . You were right should have done it ages ago but me being stupid and worrying myself sick I found I was debt free and got some money back . Think I just got into habit of paying for my sins . So here's to you and what star's you are. Many many thanx