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#463283 Hello everyone , thankyou for allowing me to join , i'm hoping i can get my head around a couple of things i've got into a mess with , i'm disabled and i have ptsd and ctsd and unbeknown to my disabled husband i have found myself in a mess with provident and j,d , williams , i've been to the cab and am waiting on an appointment to see a dro specialist , but i would like to know how to deal with these people in the meantime , i'm so scared to even lift the phone , :roll:
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#463303 :D Hello Sharon!
Welcome to the Forum. You are not alone and I am sure someone else will add to my response but if you are considering a Debt Relief Order this must mean you don't own your home, have little or no surplus income after the priority bills have been met - and yes, these do include food, clothing, toiletries, stuff to keep your house clean and transport as well as the bills we traditionally think of as priority such as rent, council tax, water rates, utilities etc. As you are disabled you should also be treated as a vulnerable client and the bottom line is - what can the creditors do?
They are not going to make you bankrupt as you have nothing to give them and it costs them money, they could take you to court to :D
#463323 Hi Sarah
Thankyou for your reply , it's just two debts , one to j.d williams catalogue and the other to provident , provident started as food and clothes then miss a payment or two so they say renew the loan then it doesn't look like you're behind and so on and so on and before you know it you are up to your eyeballs :((((((((((((( and j,d was just stupidity and i kept up with the payments until i had a bad time mentally , i have ptsd and ctsd , they kept adding interest , i rang them to sort it and they were so rude and nasty i daren't speak to any of them anymore , this has gone on for a good few months , my husband hasn't a clue because he's severely disabled and i don't want to upset him so i'm not doing so well keeping it all in, i own nothing and on benefits due to illness i have more going out than coming in electric and gas etc is costing a mini fortune , as i say i'm waiting on an appt now with the dro specialist , don't know how long this will take and don't know how to handle phone calls and i'm scared someone comes to the house , thankyou again for your reply
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#463353 sorry the rest of my answer seemed to disappear

They could take you to court for a CCJ but this takes time and is a procedure by post which gives you time to offer a payment of £1 per month and by the time they do this they will have done your DRO anyway and the debt would go into that.

Really - you are worrying yourself for nothing - although that does not make it easier.

When is your appointment to look at the DRO?
#463383 Hi Sarah
not sure about appt waiting on them ringing me , the cab are so busy right now , but they were very nice and said they are none essential debts , so i need to calm down about it , she said the person will ring soon to make the appointment.
Thankyou for your reply
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