Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By skint1
#4483 Hi,

I'm a bit confused.
I went bankrupt on 1/3/05
I have a joint bank account with my husband which was upto it's overdraft limit.
The day I went bankrupt my two loans with the same bank were supposed to come out but there was no money in there.So they bounced.

Later the same day the money came out of the account and they increased the overdraft limit to on the account to cover this amount but these loans are included in my bankrupcy.

More confusing was that fact that one of my credit cards which I didn't know I owe money on when I went bankrupt has taken a direct debit payment from the same bank account today.(I hadn't realised I owed them any money it was an account charge added the day before I went bankrupt)

I'm not sure what to do as I didn't think this was allowed to give them any money directly.

Wasn't this account supposed to be frozen with everything else?

Should I contact my OR about this or wait until my interview?

Any advice please :?
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By JaneClack
#4484 Wait until your interview and mention it. It is not your problem now it is the bank's. You have no debt!!!!
By skint1
#4486 Thanks.

I wouldn't mind the credit card company only took 8p.
But I was frustrated that it had to be the joint account that my husband has to take full responsibility for now.

Now he owes an extra £800 on the overdraft.

I wasn't sure if as this was on the day I went bankrupt the loan payments would be allowed or not.

I will ask at my interview.

Thanks again
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By JaneClack
#4488 This should be mentioned at your interview as they may well make the bank put it back as it was after you went bankrupt. It will just be an administrative procedure for the bank. Could it have been the one with the galloping equine? Par for the course - but they will have to put it right.
By skint1
#4491 Now what ever made you think it was that particular bank :) :)

They certainly are good at handing out more credit to the vunerable.
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By JaneClack
#4492 So are the others as others will tell you!
By skint1
#4494 Well now we are wise to it we will not be falling into that trap again.

It makes me feel a bit less guilty about going bankrupt, when I think that they do this.