Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By Lann
#4091 If you can't get the £460 needed for the bankruptcy do you have to sit around waiting for one of your creditors to petition against you?
By skint1
#4093 I was having the same problem finding the money.

If you can show that it will cause you financial hardship to pay the fees.Or our on certain benefits you might be able to have these fees reduced to £310.00.

Have a look at they have info on all of this.

You could wait for the creditors to do it for you but if you are paying anything to them I understand that it is very unlikely they will do this.
(Just what I've been told)

Alot of people are having to save up to declare themselves bankrupt.Ironic isn't it.

Hope this might help.
By Lann
#4094 Thanks skint1 - I'll have a look - thats useful info. Irony-deluxe indeed!
By skint1
#4095 It might be worth reading through this section of the forum as I am sure I have seen something about charities that might be able to help.

Anybody else know the link?
By Lann
#4096 I'm working and have only just applied to the council for some help with rent - other than that, not on any benefits. If anyone does know of that link I'd really appreciate it. I can't find it using the search option.
By feenix
#4098 It might be worthwhile talking to the people at National Debt Line or the Consumers Councilling Service, or the CAB
By skint1
#4102 To be honest I have been reading so much about bankrupcy in so many places that I'm not sure where I saw this.

But I am trying to find it.

It is worth asking CAB or somewhere like this.I will let you know if I find anything :)