Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By geroles
#400713 Have a Santander Credit card, with a debt of £900
CC = £900

and also some santander current accounts.

As the santander CreditCard debt (£900) will be included in the bankruptcy then will this cause the santander current accounts to be 'froozen' or close within the 12 month period?

or, if the debt is paid of months before declaring bankrupcy
CC = £0

then there will be no debt with santander, then will this make them consider them 'leaving' the santander accounts open?

(Note: they are basic current accounts with no overdraft, and no money in)

so basically, if the £900 is paid off, so there is no debt, could this result in the 'leaving the Santander current accounts open, for 12 months, ----- forever) ?
By Jane1962
#401143 Hi,

I have a Santander current account and went BR 2 1/2 yrs ago and have managed to keep it live, although I did not have any debt with them.
Are you saying that you can afford to pay the £900 to them? I think others on here might say that if you do that you are favouring one creditor by paying this.
I would think that if you did not pay it but included it in you BR then the account would be frozen or closed.
I'm sure one of the moderators will be along to answer more fully than I can.

Best regards

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By JaneClack
#401473 Yes, the OR may well feel you have preferentialized a creditor here and they may wonder where you found the £900 to pay off just the one creditor!