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By DuffNCustard
#318693 Yes they are at risk. The IVA practitioner will list all your 'assets' - property, antiques and other valuables like old masterpieces :) and this will include your ISA's. On the face of it - and IVA's are individual agreements, why would your creditors accept anything less than payment of the debt in full when you have savings?
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By TalbotWoods
#318703 Technically yes, as all available funds should be used to clear down the debts owed.

However, unlike bankruptcy where the OR can just dive in, in a IVA if you do not include it, then the creditors can, quite reasonably, reject your IVA, as they will say that you are withholding essential funds from them.

If you fail to tell them and the account comes to light later on, as they inevitably do, then the creditors can opt to fail your IVA at that point unless you hand over 100% of the ISA into the IVA pot.

I know this is not what you wanted to hear, but then as you know debt is not a nice place to be in either, and hard scarifies need to be made.

Just out of interest can we ask who you are looking at doing an IVA with, as some providers charge up front fees and extortionate amounts to administer an IVA for you (which have caused quite a few IVAs to fail as all the provider is interested in is their profit margin, and not you). There are ethical IVA providers out there, such as PayPlan, who do not load fees, hide fees or add charges, so it may be worth looking at some of the ethical IVA providers (who also tend to be a little more generous in your allowances as well )