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By adamr2
#318003 Hi guys

I went BR in jan 2008, discharged jan 2009.

In Feb last year I sent out letters to nearly all the creditors on my credit file asking them to mark my accounts as settled and to use the correct dates.

I believe that the settled date should be marked as my bankruptcy date and no later, i.e. Jan 2008.

However, some of these marked it as jan/feb 2009, and "max recovery" who I had 3 accounts with in the end, marked one as settled Feb 2011, and left the other two as still defaulted/not settled.

I clearly stated everything in the letters I sent them, What steps should I take to ensure this gets sorted?

Thanks in advance!
By hewlitt12
#318503 Hi.
I have had the same problem with max recovery. Today i have found that my a/c`s with them are now settled. How i acheived this was to send a recorded letter of a template on here re the information commisioner who has the power to force them to update.
I cannot remember where the template is on here, i think you should ask the moderators, that`s how i acheived my solution. Hope this helps.
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By TalbotWoods
#336273 teebert


Settled date must be NO LATER than the discharge date, and in many instances it is earlier than the actual discharge date. This is done by them as they cannot guarantee that the debtor will have to go the full year of their bankruptcy, and many will automatically do this as soon as they receive the notification from the OR that the OR is opting for early discharge (which the OR can do several months before hand)

Many creditors will mark the files as partially or fully settled somewhere between the bankruptcy date and the discharge date, with many actually using the bankruptcy date. Only the more bureaucratic creditors ( and these are normally those that have to be forced to do it by the ICO) will go for the full discharge date.

And a further complication is that if the bankrupt was pre 2007, then the settled date must be the same as the default date .... no later than the actual bankruptcy date.