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By daffy29
#317403 Hi All,

It has been a while since I last posted but am in need of some advice please. I have a DMP with the CCCS and nearing the end of my repayments. I decided to have a look at my credit file with Experian and noticed that one of my accounts appears twice. The original debt was with Egg until they sold the debt to Apex. It appears Egg have filed a default notice which I didn't know about but a default is also showing with Apex. I have the following questions.
1. Whilst the Egg account shows settled the default is listed, does this matter and should the account have been removed?
2. Is it correct that one account can appear twice?
3. Can Apex show a default even though they didn't file the default?
4. Egg are not the only company that have filed a default without me receiving anything notification, I have two others. I thought they were obliged to inform me. Is there anything I can do?

Many thanks
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By TalbotWoods
#317423 Hi Daffy

Any account can only be listed once, so in this instance when Egg sold it to Apex, Egg should have removed their entry, they didn't simple as that.

You need to challenge this with Egg (but try and get Experian to remove it first, using their complaints system DO NOT ACCEPT a notice of disassociation on this matter)

When Apex purchased the debt, all the account standings stay the same, so yes the original default would transfer to Apex, and would show on their account.

Non served default can be challenged, BUT be careful, a lot of creditors especially the credit and store cards one used to issue theirs in the same envelope as your statement, and many used to appear as a pay up or a default will be placed in 14 days time notice.

You can challenge, but if you win, they will just slap a new default on for example now, which will lock a bad account open on your CRF for six years from the new default

(Hint sometimes it is better to let sleeping dogs lie, especially when you know the account was justly defaulted!)

Now I would also suggest that you need to do the same exercise with both Equifax and CallCredit, as creditors report to one, two or all CRFs, and they may clear up your experience one, but leave the other two a mess, if they reported the account to them!!
By daffy29
#317443 Thank you for the reply.

I thought it may be best not to challenge the defaults for the reasons you stated. Although I am sure I haven't been given a default notice, as such, just the normal arrears notices and statements every 6 months. I was considering waiting until the debts were completely repaid (in a couple of months) and then challenge them. My rationale....that if nothing is owing can they give me a retrospective notice?

I will look at my other reports as you suggest.

Thanks again