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By Tablecloth
#314243 I used to be Iphigenia but so long ago that I'd no idea of my password and the system doesn't recognize my email.

Anyway, just wanted to pass on a positive outcome:

B. May 2006, discharged a year later, 3 years' IPA.
I've just plodded on since then; stuck to the very simple way of budgetting my money that I began in early 2006, don't owe a penny.
Off and on, especially post IPA, I tried for the odd mobile phone contract and so on, and was turned down.
A couple of times I tried to sort out my CRFs but the systems seem to struggle to find my addresses - there have only been 2 but they've been routinely mis-spelt by companies; although I've declared every variation on application forms for the statutory reports, because the postcodes are the same, they only ever find the most recent one, not earlier variants.

A couple of weeks ago, I grabbed the bull by the horns and tried to get a new mobile phone contract through Phones4U. After a bit of jiggling around - they still couldn't find all my credit identity - I came away with an iPhone 5 and a monthly contract. Nice one.

Last week, the elderly car gave up the ghost. I've had 2 elderly cars since the OR took my much newer one. I still think it was pretty borderline that they took it, in terms of value and the fact that I need 24/7 transportation for work, but in the face of a pretty good IPA in return for £50k+ of debt, I'd decided not to rock the boat.

I'd long planned that I wouldn't do any more repairs on this one, and would seek out a lease-hire option. I meant to have another go at the CRFs first but the sudden demise of the car overtook me. I found one, got a test drive (nice) and set the ball rolling. Then I got the "we have a problem" phone call - turned out they couldn't find my whole credit history at this address because of the issues I've mentioned. Happily, I don't throw out utility bills or pay slips and could send plenty ID.
I heard yesterday that the finance house is happy, and that my car is on its way!

I Will get to the CRFs - although how I manage to deal with the address confusion I don't know at all, I've tried - but in my happy mood today, I wanted to share what seemed impossible in the gloom of 6 years ago - there is life at the end of the tunnel! Hang on, you Will come out the other end!
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By TalbotWoods
#314353 Flipping 'eck, I was just talking about you yesterday as well!!

If you want I can rest your old username and password, with any new emial address you have now, which will return you back to your old Greening self (did I really just say that!) Please not for the avoidance of doubt I did NOT infer Iphigenia/Tablecloth is either Old or Grecian, but she does like her German holidays.

If you do want it back, PM me your email address and I'll reset the password for you, 'cos I be nice you see.

It is good to see you are grabbing the bull by the horns with the CRFs, they are becoming much more of a nightmare theses days, more and more a case of "Computer say No", a bit like my Tripawed who says NO every time I tell him we're going for a walk in the rain.

BTW do you hear anything from MM (Angie) or Sam, not heard a word since the other forum went dead?

Chat soon

By obcomp
#314393 Fantastic story and very pleased for you!!

Its super motivation for those who are just entering into the 'unknown' for them to see that there is life beyond BR.

393 days to until the 6 year sentence is up for me! :D :D
By Tablecloth
#314543 obcomp - not long to go then!

TW - Nah, I think I like my new ID but thankyou!

I'm terrifically impressed that my CRFs seem to have self-cleaned enough to be allowed a phone and a car. I'll do what you suggest on the other thread and ring CRAs up and see if they can link my other addresses. I don't suppose there's a way of getting someone who speaks English fluently?

Glad to hear the Tripawed is doing OK. Sadly, my 5th Quadropod crossed the bridge last month, down to one rather bewildered Jackie now.
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By TalbotWoods
Tablecloth wrote: I don't suppose there's a way of getting someone who speaks English fluently?

Tsch Tsch Tsch, their call centres are all in the UK, so I assume you are referring to non Yorkshire accents.

Sorry to hear you down to just one, still got my two, the tripawed Mr Bailey and Miss Candi, now 17 heading towards 18, all but deaf, all but blind, wobbly on her pins, suspect doggie dementia, and still gives other dogs hell!

How have you settled into the new works place you moved to a couple of year ago?
By Tablecloth
#315543 All in the UK? Well, the one I spoke to didn't learn her English here! Couldn't get more than 50% of what she said. Ah well.

Here is OK but not great. Looking to move on now. However, I've added a human male to my little pack, which is rather fun for however long it lasts.

Car still on it's way. I reckon it's being driven (slowly) from France. Or Korea. Or wherever it was really built. :D
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By TalbotWoods
#315643 My My My, a Human Doggit, whatever next :shock:
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By TalbotWoods
#315823 Well hopefully this one doesn't pee, puke or poop all over the house, and leave it for you to clear up