Scottish and English debt laws are different, so if you are a Scottish resident and have questions on debt, then this is the place to post.

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By plainzer0
#312933 Hi

Does anyone know where a list can be obtained which states the jobs affected if going Bankrupt?

I am concerned as I wish to one day join the Scottish Police Force and don't want bankruptcy to ruin my chances.

Also, after the 6 years that a record is kept, after a clean slate (if this happens as I know someone that is unable to clear their name now 8 years later) do you have to answer "Yes I have been made bankrupt" or is your clean slate enough that you don't have to say yes to that question on forms after the six year period.

Any help appreciated,

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By JaneClack
#312963 Certainly in England and Wales being a discharged bankrupt is no bar to joining the police force but there are certain jobs within it that you would not be able to do - fraud and vice are two that I know of.

Now, a policeman always tells the truth, so if you were ever asked the question, have you ever been made bankrupt or made arrangements with your creditors you know what the answer should be. It is not a problem - you can always then explain the circumstances that led to it but denying it and then being found out does not look so good.
By plainzer0
#312983 Sorry that all came out wrong. Thanks for your help. I just wanted to know if the history of your bankruptcy is deleted from the public register after the 6 year period.

I have found that you are able to become a P.C if you have been made bankrupt but only three years after the date you were discharged from bankruptcy. ... ocess.aspx

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By TalbotWoods
#313023 Hi plainzer0

Trust me bankruptcy is not the problem, they stipulate three years as some people have an IPA/IPO put into place that lasts three years, so effectively you could be paying into your bankruptcy for three years after bankruptcy.

Now you are paid with tax payers money, and it is hard to justify the public purse being used to pay a bankruptcy debt, the media would have a field day to start with if they found out, and as far the governments are concerned that is an absolute no-no. To prevent this they have a blanket ban for three years.

With regards the bankruptcy if you are entering the service you had better declare it or you WILL fail the vetting selection process, simple as that. One of the checks they do is to interrogate the central insolvency register, which is a permanent record of all bankrupts in the UK, and yes you can find records going back to the first bankruptcies in the UK and sequestrations in Scotland!

If you hide the fact you have gone bankrupt, they will find it and you WILL fail vetting as this will raise concerns about your future probity, plus the fact you will ahve been found to have lied on application, which is a criminal offence.

DO not worry there are quite a few coppers about that prior to joining had been bankrupt, beleive me the forces dont give a monkies once the 3 years is up, all they care about is that you wont bring the service into disrepute.

If your in the service and have completed probation, then go bust that will restrict where you can work, currently you are prevented from Fraud, Vice, CompInt, protection duties, firearms and public relations

Please take this as a potential bit of entrance guidance from someone with a wee bit of insider knowledge!

By plainzer0
#314583 Tim, I would like to thank you for your very helpful reply. It's always nice to get a lot of useful information.

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By TalbotWoods
#314593 You wont say that when yo have to hand write contemporaneous statements and the person you are interviewing suffers from verbal diarrhoea. Hurts the writs it does!