Discussions on life after your bankruptcy discharge.

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By race4work
#29657 I have been through BR and received a BRU for 4 years based on 67k of debt and being told by the OR I was a bit negligent. (I hold my head in shame)

A friend of mine has just separated from his partner of 9 years, he has amounted 35k of debt, which his partner paid for during the 9 years and in fact encouraged to extend/renew. Payments were never a problem before the separation. Now my friends has a minimum wage job and twice as much outgoings as incomings. He is considering BR based on advice from the CAB and of course my situation as well.

From the experience of everyone here can anyone give me a vague idea of how long his BR will be and the likelyhood of a BRO/BRU?
By Mel_Odious
#29668 All bankruptcies last for one year now. It will be up to the OR to consider whether he has been reckless and culpable with his affairs and no one can say for sure wether there will be a BRO/U.

By jonnie000
#29781 I had to declare myself bankrupt due to separation. It's very common. Only time Restriction Orders are made is if the bankrupt has been a bit naughty. I didn't have one put on me, it was simply a case that the relationship broke up which meant less money to pay the bills.