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By mikep
#295183 My debt were getting out of hand so i decided to go to a debt consolidation company for help! After nearly a year they are still mising payments to my creditors. i spoke to the debt company on tuesday 17th! and was advised that the £580 they had not paid could either be sent to my creditors or i could cancel and get the money back. i chose this option due to the hassel i have had with them. i was advised that i would get my money by friday (20th) afternoon! I have now been told that the MD who has to give me my money back cannot be contacted today and i will have to wait untill monday! i feel i am just being fobbed off! any advise on what i can do? thank you and sorry its so long!!!
By simont23
#295193 I think you may never see your money. People still fall for this scam although it is easy to handle your own debt problems. They prey on people thinking they are professionals, they are mostly con artists who will take your money.

You have been had, move on and sort out the debts yourself. If you need help, come and ask. I am afraid I see little hope of you getting anywhere with your lost money.

How much do you owe, have you assets and are you in employment. They are the three important questions.
By johnny 73
#295783 ouch. you may have learned a costly lesson, that generally debt advice shouldn't be paid for as there are plenty of companies that will provide the same. if not better service for free
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By TalbotWoods
#296083 mikep

Any update, and can you please name the company, we can check to see if they are registered. IF they are not they you can get help from Trading Standards and the FSA