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By DaZ
#292893 Hi all,

Now over the 6 year limit and watching the defaults drop off has been a lovely experience. However I still have a minor problem with the final creditor left, O2.

Here's a pic of their entry with Equifax:


The bankruptcy date was 24/02/2006. Am I right in thinking that my default date should be the same and no later?

Every other creditor updated their records fine but I still have had no word back from O2 after 3 months and don't really want to wait an extra year for this to disappear.

Any help would be very much appreciated, thanks all!
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By TalbotWoods
#292913 OK they may well have sold your debt on to another company, so no longer have the account shown in their active fields.

You need to write to O2's data controller at:

Data Controller
Telefónica O2 UK Limited
Arlington Business Centre
Suite N
West Yorkshire
LS11 0NE

Using this template:

Your Address
Goes Here

Data Control Officer
This Creditor
Data Controller Address

Dear Sirs

Re: Account Number xxxxxxxxxxx

After consultation with both the Information Commissioner and the Credit Reference Agencies, I am writing directly to you to request that you formally update my credit files in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

I was declared bankrupt on <Date of your bankruptcy>and subsequently discharged on <Date of Discharge>, and <name of creditor> was included within the Bankruptcy. For your convenience I have attached both my bankruptcy Order and Discharge Notification.

Currently the information that you have recorded against my name with the Credit Reference Agencies is factually incorrect, and despite several written requests to your customer services , as yet your company has failed to correct the entries as required.

• It is requested that if you intend to default the account, the default entry must be <Date if your bankruptcy>, in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

• It is requested that you mark the account in some way as to indicate that it is settled or satisfied, in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

• If you have sold the debt on, according to the Information Commissioner, you are still liable to ensure that both you and the new holder are aware and that as the originator of the information it is your responsibility to ensure that it is corrected.

The Information Commissioner has indicated that I should allow you 28 calendar days from the date you receive this letter to comply, during this time you are requested either to update the Credit Reference Files correctly (of all three Credit Reference Agencies) or notify me in writing the reasons that you refuse to.

After the 28 days have elapsed the Information Commissioner has requested that I inform them if your company fails to update the records so that they may take any necessary enforcement action against your company

Yours faithfully

Fred Bloggs


Bankruptcy Order
Discharge Notification