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By zAndy1
#286583 Hi,
There is an account on my credit file that i've sort of assumed would dissapear a few days ago but now i'm beginning to wonder.. The status is 'settled', the default date is 03/12/2005, the date updated and date satisfied are 17/01/2007. My question is should this drop off 6 years after the default date i.e. now or 6 years after the date satisfied i.e. in just over a years time? I was assuming cos it had a default date on that it would disappear 6 years after that date but now i'm not so sure, basically I need to know whether I need to get the date satisfied set to no later than the date of my discharge from bankruptcy which was Feb 2006.

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By TalbotWoods
#286593 Six years from the default date, but it can take up to a week for it to finally vanish!

The other thing to bear in mind if your checking experian, is get a new report, it wont drop off the report you got last week.

Not saying anyone I know did this and then got completely confuddled :roll: :roll: !