Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By golfbags
#266803 hi! thinking of going bankrupt. after being out of work for 15 months and now working again. i am paying £50 month on a £18k debt to yorkshire bank on my own dmp (done with help from this forum) my question is, as i live with my girlfriend but my address is my parents, would i have to submit rent book ect (which i dont have) i contribute to all ( morgage, bills ect).
the reason for bankruptsy is the bank still putting charges on. i have written several letters of complaint. i did start to pay £1 untill they aggreed to stop the charges but there threat of solicitor put a block on that. sorry if this isn't coming across to well.
By nigpet
#266813 Firstly it would be useful to read up on the process via the insolvency service websites or via CCCS etc websites as they will probably put things into easier to read language & answer most of your questions. There's a world of difference between a home done DMP & bankruptcy - you can stretch things a bit with where you live in a DMP but in bankruptcy failure to disclose things such as this can have serious consequences & can be viewed as a criminal act. You will have to provide detailed information about incomings, outgoings such as rent share & other expenses, not just a "kidology" figure a creditor might be convinced to accept as in a DMP. Do your parents know about you claiming to live there for your DMP? If not, what would their response be if you used their address for bankruptcy purposes?