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By cyberelf
#224009 Hi,

the wife recently received a letter from the OR regarding their intention to apply for release from duties as trustee.
I was just wondering - does eveyone get such a letter?
We are both discharged from BR but
I was BR a few months before her and havent received any such notice?
Just curious, as ever.
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By TalbotWoods
#224010 This is just an information copy, some people get then some don't.

It doesn't mean the bankruptcy is over, it only means that the OR has finished his investigations into the bankrupt, and has applied to the Secretary of State for release.

In other words, done, dusted so we can close the case and show it as a finished case on the stat returns

By cyberelf
#224012 Thanks Talbot.
Just wasnt sure whether me now closing my business and accepting an employed role may have been casue for concern or something I should have informed them of.
Although I did receive early discharge about a year ago I still have moments of guilt and nervousness worring that I may have inadvertently done something wrong somewhere.