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By TalbotWoods
#223203 OK I'm going to say this polity.


Following from several comments I have received by PM, I have randomly reviewed 50 threads made in the last three months.

Off these over 60% have been hijacked and not in a away that the Sites Owners would like or appreciate.

This site is owned by PayPlan, who normally keep out of the running of it and out of what is posted, and that is how we like to keep it. If they receive a complaint, which some of the posts made could easily generate, they will then review and could close the forum

They will not tolerate continued slamming of DCA's or Creditors or the System, just for the sake of slamming them. This is not good ethics and will not be tolerated on this forum. We have been threatened with legal action in the past and we will NOT allow the site to be used as a general anti DCA, Creditor System sounding board, again.

So with Immediate effect ANY post that slams DCA's Creditors or the system, that is posted out of context WILL be removed (without warning) and if the poster(s) continue they will be banned (Without Warning).

This forum is here to help people who are in debt IT IS NOT A HIT THE SYSTEM FORUM.

If you want to speak out against the system, then there are other forums in which you can do this ........ please use them.

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