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By angelsmum
#222333 :shock:Hi. i owe british gas just over two hundred pounds ....i agreed a debt collection agreement with their debt collectors BCW for £2.00 a onth, i missed one payment of said £2.00 because the cheque i had bee nadvised by one of their phone people to send didnt reach them and as a busy single mum of four i didnt check, i got a phone call th other morning informing me of this and i promptly paid two months worth plu card handling fee of six pounds....i am on income support and genuinely cannot afford any more.....

this happened about three days ago, and i now have a letter from a debt 'vistiation officer' stating i ignored previous correspondence ( i didnt get any) and therefore they would be visting.... i own a clapped out car and have a heart child (not on dla as my son is claimed for by his father......) and we have one computer in the house which is my son plus two tellys, and a washer that isnt mine.....

i have other debts but they are only utilty bills i dont buy clothes even stitch up second hand ones, to death i dont waste anything.......

i will ring them on monday and ask why after paying six pounds the other day i am now told this is happening as if i hadnt paid
my arrangement was that i was to pay two pounds a month i have by no genuine fault of my own paid two months as the cheque didnt get there

im out of my wits can you help please


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By JaneClack
#222342 Get your wits back.

They are trying to scare you. You do not have any court action against you and visiting you is extremely expensive so rarely done.

I always suggest writing with things like this and keeping a copy. I know to my cost that they do not always note things down over the telephone. You missed a payment - and if the cheque has gone astray, cancel it - but it was sent. You stick to that and explain that it cost you more to repay it to them and have stuck to the arrangement since.

Blood and stones - you have not got the money and unless you are sitting on a pot of gold or a house with lots of equity then what can they do? They can go for a court judgment and you can then show how you can afford nothing but a token payment.... and drop it to £1 so they will not do this.

Is this your only debt as if you have others there may be other solutions available.

Do you have other debts and it is less than £15,000 - is this why you are posting in the Debt Relief Order section which I have only just noticed.

Do not let them get you down.