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By uhohwereintrouble
#220559 Hello havent been on here for a while but need some advice which i am sure has probably already been answered but could do with it in laymans terms.
Have been dicharged now for just over 15 months and life in financial heaven is brilliant now. We can afford day to day things easier and stress levels are at a minimum. :D .
Our problem is that we would really like to change our car as we were lucky enough to keep our car through bankruptcy, obviously we cannot go through normal high street lenders as we would be laughed out of the building, so i went googling "loans for bankrupt people" and came up with some fairly good offers that said .......we will even lend to bankruptcies, so applied.
Never heard for 4 days so phoned they said " we lend to 99% of the people who apply" but unfortunatley yours was declined probably due to your credit score".
Obviously i was dissapointed because i thought this is it new car here we come.
Firstly can anyone please advise me what is the best way to rebuild our credit score even though we have adverse credit history and secondly people on here keep saying time to clear up my credit file, How do i do this?
Oh thirdly please anybody out there been able to apply for a small loan (£4000) from anywhere decent.
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By TalbotWoods
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