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By AndyJay
#219152 I was declared bankrupt in April 04 and subsequent discharged in the December. I have a Cashminder account with Co-Op and a basic account with barclays for my bills. I also have a Cap-One credit card with an £1800 limit, all of my accounts have been run perfectly for years.
I only have two defaults left on my credit files and obviously the bankruptcy. A number of my defaults have fallen off recently and all accounts are shown as settled with the correct date of default.

What i don't understand is why i have been turned down for savings accounts, account upgrades and recently sim only mobile phone contracts with both O2 and Orange.

Surely as i only have a matter of months before my credit files are clear and the fact that i have a number of accounts being run well i should be able to get a sim only contract!?

There are people who have recently been discharged and had far worse bankruptcy's than myself who appear to easily get account upgrades, mobile phone contracts etc.

Why is it so different for different people when trying to obtain any form of credit?? :?
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By Red Devil
#219165 I presume it's because the BR is still showing on your credit files. Co-op told me that they will upgrade my Cashminder account 6 years from the date of my BR.
By AndyJay
#219166 Yes I've not doubt that's what it is but there are plenty of people on here who have been discharged for less time than myself who have managed to obtain all sorts of credit.

I just don't get why it's so radically different from person to person. A bankruptcy is a bankruptcy at the end of the day, you can't tell from the entry on your credit file how bad it was so why can some people successfully obtain credit with a bankruptcy and others not?
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By Red Devil
#219173 I completely agree. I've managed to get a Vanquis credit card but I've been refused savings accounts - mad!
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By moaner
#219174 I have not done anything to my credit files, all the accounts are still being defaulted every month and my bankruptcy and ED are on but I have still managed to open a catalogue account :shock: I have not tried to apply for anything else though
#219236 Hi andyjay,

Is your date of discharge showing on your credit files??? I don't know if this helps, but it wont do any harm.

Have you tried gettting an updated account with the bank that you are currently with??? I had been contacted three times by the CO-OP, telling me I could have an upgraded account, only to be turned down three times. On the last time, I told the operator that I was in the process of cleaning up my credit files, and she told me that once I had done it, and all the accounts were showing settled, then to go back to them and they would offer me a full account.

Good Luck :D
By AndyJay
#219285 Yes all of my credit files have been sorted, correct date of default, discharge showing etc etc. I've only got until april and then everything will have dropped off, I've; only got a couple of defaults from my bankruptcy left on anyway as a few of them had default dates prior to my bankruptcy date.
I've spoken to Co-Op and they refused to upgrade me until six years after my bankruptcy i.e. when my credit files are completely clean!

Its annoying that I can't even get a 'sim only' contract. They're on a rolling monthly contract and you only get the sim yet for some reason i apparently can't be trusted with one of those! It's so frustrating.

I want to set up my own business but i know its not worth attempting to do it yet because i won't get accepted for a business bank account plus i'll need merchant facilities and there's no way i'd get those either!
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By MissLucy
#219398 Hi Andy - I think with a sim only deal even though you don't get a new phone, you could stll run up a big bill :D
Now my bankruptcy is 5 1/2 years old and I have still been refuses basic accounts with LTSB and Abbey.
However, to help my credit file, I have a NEXT account, Vanquis credit card, Choice catalogue. All paid up, no interest etc.

Because I live in a funny area for mobile signals, I got accepted for a T.Mobile sim only deal, no use as signal poor!
Then I got a contract with Vodafone, and last but not least got a contract with 3 and a very hi spec phone :D

So it is odd, some creditors may only want to know if you have any defaults or bankruptcy in the last 3 years. I know halifax state that on their website for a current account.

Now with co-op bank their criteria is a FULL 6 years!
By Iphigenia
#219402 Try Virgin mobile maybe?

I have a contract with them, taken out just this year.
(B. 05/2006 - 05/2007)
It's tiny, just the £8.50 a month + free phone one but it is a real contract not a rolling payg thing. I was with them before, during and after bankruptcy as a payg customer but I shouldn't think that has helped any.
I haven't tidied up the crf's yet.
By AndyJay
#219452 Thanks for your replies :D

I guess i'll just have to stick it out until my CRFs are clear, not that long left to go now! You're not far behind me MissLucy and you appear to have been able to obtain more credit than myself :? I guess it's just one of those things.
I'll start to worry if, when everything has dropped off, i'm still struggling! lol.

I'm not interested in getting credit cards, loans etc, it would just be nice to be able to get a mobile phone contract and have a normal bank account!

Thanks again :)