Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By mzkawz
#2139 Hello everyone,

I jsut wanted to know everyone's experience on going bankrupt coz I going to file for bankruptcy in January and I just wanted to know

-what sort of question they ask
-how hard is it to fill in the forms
- do they make you feel stupid
-what happens at the interview

Thank-you in advance for everyones help
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By Nicky
#2141 Hi there

If you take a look around this forum and do a few searches regarding your questions, you will find there is a fair bit of information regarding peoples experiences in bankruptcy, I think most of your questions have been discussed, so it should be worth a look.
By burd2003
#2405 hello :) don't worry - i went for bankruptcy on the 19 th November - I went to the court to petition and they helped me with the forms and the bits i didn't fill in correct - it was all done there and then on the day with a judge confirming I was bankrupt (it took about 2 hours). I then received mt phone call from the OR on Mon 6th December and he was very nice and relaxed - they do not make you feel bad - they deal with bankruptcies all the time. The main thing the OR wants to do is find out why you went bankrupt and if you have any assets to contribute to it - furniture and washers and dryers unless extremely expensive are not usually conisdered :) hope this helps