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By disneylover43
#211378 I went to Florida in January and have some american travellers checks left over,the thing is I have lost all the receipts to proof of purchase from my post office to change them back.

Is it possible to to put them in my co-operative bank account just like a normal check to cash them back,or have I lost the money now ?

If I cannot do this is there another way I can cash them without a receipt,I obviously have my proof of id which is my passport.

By sans
#211394 DL, you can still exchange them back into sterling at the post office without your receipt. But will not get commission free ( thats why you need proof for at the PO) they will charge an exchange rate to convert from $ into £. You just need to take your passport etc. Any bank with a bureau de change or M&S bureau will also exchange them for you at a rate of exchange.